About us

…Orange casting services, a company that has been established in the year 1999. Through these years we developed the largest casting agency in Slovenia and one of the most successful in the Adriatics region.

Orange booked hundreds of talents and supported various productions, including features from several Hollywood and regional movie productions, domestic and foreign commercials, popular television shows, music videos, etc.


Orange Casting supports its customers anytime they require. Our set-up is designed to handle all emergency situations with a 24/7 hotline and access to hundreds of talents, who are ready to engage.

Orange Casting team will quickly, accurately and efficiently satisfy your specific needs, finding the most appropriate actor / model types of people specifically ordered for your TV / photo advertising, feature film, TV series or a promo campaign.
 Orange Casting takes all the busy work out of your job so you can focus on key casting decisions. Our team can help you screen talent, find the looks you need and arrange all logistics on your behalf.


Our casting directors are known throughout the industry for their sunny dispositions, casting expertise and outstanding professionalism. 24/7 they are just a phone call, text, or email away. They will get the job done no matter what.

Ljubimka Pavasovic

Casting Director
As a Slovenia based Casting Director, Ljubimka’s flawless work ethic and intuitive nature casts a spell on any project entrusted to her, as she is tireless in her search for finding the perfect talent for every role.

Ljubimka started as a talent and model when being in high school and opened her own casting agency Avdicija.com when she was only 25. Since than she has worked as a Casting Director on a wide range of visual media across a broad spectrum, specializing in casting feature films, television and commercials. Having been on both sides of the casting couch, Ljubimka instinctively understands what has to be delivered to provide excellent service.

She posses the ability to bring out the finer qualities in an actor’s audition piece: enabling them to perform at their best. With the help of her personality and professionalism there is never a dull moment when you’re around Ljubimka.

She is pleased to share her knowledge and experience with you on your next project.

Some of her project are ‘’Casino Royale James Bond’’ (features),  ‘’Loreal’’ (TVC), ‘’Bit čemo prvaci sveta’’(fetures), ‘’Milka choccolate’’ (TVC), ‘’Honda’’ (TVC), ‘’Nutella’’ (TVC), ‘’Heiniken’’ (TVC)

Janža Štiftar

Casting Director
7 years of international experience in the field of casting, shootings, filming and working with people, makes Janza the right person to find the best talent for you.

She has been primarily engaged in casting advertisements, but has also cast short films, and conducted numerous castings for TV Reality Shows.

Her background and education is within Human Resources Management, while her main career is casting.

Janza’s approachable personality, endless patience and expert feedback has been praised by both the producers and directors with whom she has worked. Her attention to detail and passion for flawless execution makes her second to none.

Some of her project are ‘’Diana’’ (features),  ‘’Landrover’’ (TVC), ‘’Bit čemo prvaci sveta’’(fetures), ‘’Ariel’’ (TVC), ‘’Ikea’’ (TVC), ‘’Lipton’’ (TVC), ‘’Vasan Eye Care’ (TVC)

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